Youth Run NOLA Park Team: Spring 2023

Youth Run NOLA

  • Free
  • For Teachers and Families
  • In Person
  • Jan. 21, 2023 - April 22, 2023


Our park program meets on Saturday mornings at three regional parks, City Park, Joe Brown Park and the Westbank Levee, and is open to youth and family members who want to be active together, and build supportive networks within their neighborhoods. Our Park Coaches are trained to hold health and running literacy lessons at each practice before running or walking a set distance. Youth, family members, and adult volunteers train alongside one another for monthly races! Fall Season: Train up to a 5k! October 1-December10 2022 Spring Season: Train up to a 10k! January 21-April 22 2023

Youth Run NOLA (YRN) is a sports-based youth development program that aims to address disparities in exposure and access to healthy-living opportunities for young people ages 9-20 in the greater New Orleans area. YRN is a non-competitive program which focuses on supporting youth goals while prioritizing JOY! All youth participant experience is completely FREE.

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