2024 HBCU Band Combine and Dance Clinic

New Orleans Legacy Association of Band, Inc.

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  • 6026 Paris Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70122


The HBCU Band Combine is a mass college audition and college fair. However, this is not just a regular college fair; it's a gateway to success and a testament to the power of education, music, and community. At the heart of our event are the auditions for scholarships with various Historically Black Colleges and Universities band, dance and vocal music programs, all in one spot and in one day! Beyond the auditions, the HBCU Band Combine offers a wide array of experiences such as informative sessions for students and parents, and engaging community vendors ensure that every attendee leaves with not just dreams, but the tools and knowledge to achieve them. Our seminars and panel discussions cover critical topics like surviving the first year of college and essential education on HIV/AIDS, led by healthcare professionals and parental financial planning, guided by FAFSA expertsOur vendor lineup includes local enterprises, community groups, collegiate fraternal organizations, and alumni associations. We also had all branches of our esteemed military present at the 2023 Combine.

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We are a group of band alumni from New Orleans, LA joined together with a mission to revive, revitalize, cultivate and celebrate our precious band culture. We also consist of a community of supporters (non-band members) who recognize how much of a lifeline music is to the youth of our great city! So, they contribute and offer support to sustain the band culture as well. We are an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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