SeaPerch & Underwater Robotics STEM Camp For students entering

Greater New Orleans STEM

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  • 2000 Lakeshore Drive, Oliver St. Pe' (Trac) Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70148


Campers will be guided through real-world engineering and design projects centered around building an underwater ROV. The program uses hands-on methods to equip students with the resources needed to learn basic science and engineering concepts like tool safety, technical applications, problem-solving, and teamworking skills. Upon build completion of the SeaPerch ROVs, students will be challenged to compete in various underwater obstacles with their robot. GNO STEM’s SeaPerch & Underwater Robotics STEM Camp is an integrated STEM education program partnership with RoboNation.

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Greater New Orleans STEM

Greater New Orleans STEM Initiative helps teachers create learning environments where students discover how to discuss and communicate ideas, listen and work with others, and think like scientists. We help students develop foundational STEM skills that fuel their curiosity, interest and aptitude in science, technology, engineering and math. GNO STEM provides quality teacher professional development, hands-on STEM camps for students and teachers, and organized successful community STEM events that draw thousands of K-12 students, families, and teachers.

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    Feb. 7, 2024, 4:16 p.m.
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