Third Graders Discover the Lost Treasures of the Animal, Mineral

Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.)

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Get ready for a collaborative teaching experience as your students embark on journeys through the Animal, Mineral, and Plant Kingdoms. Your third graders will become “Champions of the Earth” as they discover instructions written on scrolls and find their daily supplies inside of a life-sized treasure chest (50 1-hour activities and 4 off-campus “expeditions”). Storytelling frameworks and the combination of focused teaching of life and earth science knowledge and skills with environmental education that incorporates values and changing behaviors, support a student’s sense of how they fit in this world, and is essential to considering future pathways in environmental problem-based issues and their STEM solutions. This programs covers a substantial amount of Louisiana State Science Standards.

Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.)

Since 1995, T.R.E.E.’s mission has been to educate children and adults about the life science processes that govern our planet, to inspire them to appreciate the natural world, and to motivate them to protect it. Highly trained educators immerse 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th grade students in life science adventures both on and off-school campuses exploring nature's bounty while also covering state standards.

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